Minotaur Guitars

Thank you to everyone that voted for Minotaur Guitars in the Great Guitar Build-Off! While I didn’t end in the top 10, heading onto a panel of judges, I did end in the top 30% of entrants. I’m new to guitar building and I am so grateful to have landed where I did.

What’s next? I gotta clean a couple bits of this guitar up and put it up for sale. Also, I’m working on a website— finally.

I’m considering launching a photo blog and email newsletter. The biggest pain of this competition has been getting votes. Not because people don’t want to vote, but because social media apps are designed to not let you have access to your fan base. Almost 700 followers here and a reach in the last week to what should have been a few thousand and all I could get was 466 votes. While I’m content and grateful with being in the top 30%, I realize the need to control my access to fans.

More info will be coming and I should be starting on a couple ukuleles within the next few weeks. Once again, thank you all for the votes and support on this awesome journey!